Help page for ORCA and CPOE questions relating to laboratory testing

1. Resources

2. Test selection and ordering

2.1. Are all available lab tests defined in ORCA?

No. UW Medicine laboratories offers many tests that are performed locally or sent elsewhere which can't be found in ORCA CPOE.

2.2. How do I search all available lab tests?

Use the Laboratory Medicine Test Catalog (

2.3. How do I use the Laboratory Test Catalog to find a test that I cannot find in ORCA CPOE?

First, search the Laboratory Medicine Test Catalog (

For example, here is a screenshot from the record for the lab test "Creatinine, Urine" - note that there are two ORCA CPOE order names available for this test (red box added for emphasis).


2.3.1. if you find the test you are looking for...

Check the "CPOE Name" field for instructions.

2.3.2. if you cannot find the test you are looking for...

Use the order named Lab Undefined Order. The following order details are requested:

Requisitions for Lab Undefined Order will automatically print in the lab to alert lab staff of the order. Lab will add the appropriate test to any lab collect draw lists, or contact the ordering provider for more details.

2.4. How do I add an order to a specimen already in the lab?

Orders to samples that are already in the laboratory must be placed using either the "Lab Add On Order, Non-Microbiology" or "Lab Add On Order, Microbiology" order. The orders allow entry of the following order details:

Requisitions for Add On orders automatically print in the Main Lab or in Microbiology lab depending on the order. Lab will add on the request test if appropriate sample is available. If unable to perform the Add On test, lab will call the contact person listed in the order to notify them of the problem.

3. Specimen collection

3.1. What determines the Nurse Collect versus Lab Collect assignment?

Whenever an order is signed, there is a background script that runs that makes a determination of whether the order should be a nurse collect or a lab collect. The script considers some or all of the following parameters in it’s decision:

In general, the following tests are always nurse collects:

One can override the script logic by setting the Nurse to Collect detail button to Yes (Nurse collect) or No (Lab collect). This must be set before the order is signed.

3.2. How do I convert a Nurse Collect to a Lab Collect?

For routine one-time orders:

If the order is continuing (pertains to more than one instance e.g. Q8 hours for one day):

If it is a STAT one-time order but not needed for Rapid Response:

If it is a TIMED order (‘one specific time’ in the future and is not needed immediately):

This will be collected by Phlebotomy at the date and time in the order and the Lab Med staff will receive the information about the draw time from data sent across the interface to the lab system from ORCA.

3.3. How do I convert a Lab Collect to a Nurse Collect?

NOTE: If nurse Cancels and Reorders between 05:00 and 06:00, they also need to alert the phlebotomist the specimen is already collected since the phlebotomy collection list has already been printed and the phlebotomist will be on their way.

3.4. How do I note the actual collect date and time for a lab specimen?

Since the date and time that the order was placed may vary from the time the specimen was actually collected, the actual collect date and time must be written in the space provided in the bottom center of the CPOE requisition. Lab will enter this date and time into the lab system when accessioning the order. This becomes the date and time column header in the ORCA lab results tab.

3.5. How do I note the FiO2, PEEP and RxO2 for blood gas testing?

These details are dithered when placing an order, but will print on the requisition along with a line on which to write the information.

3.6. How do I note specimen collection details that were not part of the order?

Certain collection information will only be available when the sample is collected (e.g. blood culture from left arm). This information should be written next to the order on the CPOE requisition.

4. Viewing Results

4.1. Why do I see the word "MULTIPLE" in the place of a result?

When two tests share the same name and collection time, the word "MULTIPLE" appears in the "Table" view. The individual results are always available by double clicking on the cell contents and toggling between panes using the "Next" and "Prev" buttons in resulting pop-up window. Alternatively, results are shown separately in the "List" view, which can be activated using buttons on the top right of the screen.

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